How to Configure Mileage Calculations

This article will explain how to configure your mileage calculations in Dispatch Anywhere. 

How To Configure Mileage Calculations 


Step 1: Login to Dispatch Anywhere Settings 

Step 2: Navigate to Pricelists

  • Select Pricelists from the menu on the lefthand side then select the pricelist you would like to edit. 

Step 3: Select the service you would like to edit 

  • Press the edit button next to the desired service. 

Any service that includes a letter in brackets next to the title includes a configurable calculator. 

Step 4: Set the rate for the service 

  • After selecting the edit button fill out the rate and then press the calculator icon to configure the fallowing options  
    • Route Leg (Enroute, Loaded, Return) 
    • Rounding (Dispatch Anywhere will always round up to the tenth, half or whole mile) 
    • Initial Fee
    • Free Mileage 
  • Discounts, Taxability and Tax Rates and Adjustments can also be set from the main edit screen. 
  • Press Set then save the changes to the pricelist 

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