Impound Inventory

Impound Inventory lets you create barcode labels from DA desktop or from the mobile apps to manage your impound.

  • Tag Impounded Vehicles with Inventory Barcode Labels via the Mobile and Driver apps. Drivers are prompted to place and scan an inventory barcode when a vehicle is impounded. Scanning the inventory barcode will also save the vehicle location making it easier to locate in the lot later. 

Steps for Inventory Barcode Labels on DADriver

If the Vehicles destination is an impound lot, the driver will finish the call and be prompted to place a tag on the vehicle and scan the barcode.

  • Take Inventory of Impound Lots via the Mobile app. Provides fast barcode scanning along with direction and distance to all vehicles in the lot.

Steps for Impound Lot Inventory on DA Mobile

Press the menu button and then select Impound Lot Inventory 

Select the impound lot you want to scan

Start scanning your vehicles 

Print Vehicle Inventory Barcode Labels

You are able to print a label by selecting the more tab from Dispatch or from your Report screen. 

  • Print the barcode from the call in the More menu

  • Barcodes can be printed in advance from the impound reports

    Impound Inventory Summary Report

  • Displays a list of missing vehicles from the impound lot

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