Send Vehicles from Dispatch Anywhere Impound to TowLien

This article will explain how to send vehicles manually from Dispatch Anywhere to for processing

Dispatch Anywhere and TowLien must be linked under your current Dispatch Anywhere settings - Impound Lots.  Click Here to learn how to link Dispatch Anywhere and TowLien.

1. Login to Dispatch Anywhere and select the Impounds Tab.

*If your current Dispatch Anywhere login does not have the security permission to view impounded vehicles please speak to your account administrator to increase your security permissions

2. Select the impound lot you would like to send vehicles from.

3. Select the send vehicle to TowLien icon (examples and explanations below)

If the vehicle has already been sent to TowLien, select the green sent icon to view the current vehicle status, send the vehicle for search, make changes or send letters!

Sending vehicles from Dispatch Anywhere can also be done automatically with the automation setting under Dispatch Anywhere settings - Impound Lots.  Click here to view the article on setup and automation

Vehicles sent to TowLien will pull current charges and vehicle information from Dispatch Anywhere to avoid re-entry on most fields!  Please verify all information is correct before sending vehicles for search or sending letters to interested parties.  

Vehicles sent to will be marked as Claimed in TowLien automatically if released from Dispatch Anywhere.  

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