How to accept jobs (Offers) - Dispatch Anywhere Desktop

This article explains how to use the offers feature for the desktop version of Dispatch Anywhere

Buttons to remember

Accept - Accept the offer sent by the club and send back ETA details
Reject - Reject the offer sent by the club
Request Call - Request a phone from the club about the offered job
Cancel - Cancel a call sent to you by the club

Job Offers

We have added the ability for our integrated motorclub users to manage job offers directly from your dispatch screen!  On the left hand side under each division you will now see the Offers tab.  When a new job is offered by a motor club you will receive a notification and can work the offer directly from your dispatch screen.   

How to Accept an Offered Job

  1. Select the new job offer and then Accept
  2. Enter ETA and required fields before the job timer expires
  3. Select Accept

If your conditions are accepted by the club the job will be moved into waiting status for assignment

If a club rejects your response you will see a red line on the job and a red response reason that the eta was rejected or the job was cancelled by the motor club

Additional Notes/Tips

When accepting an offer and sending back an ETA, Dispatch Anywhere will show the dispatch location and job location with directions.  If a job has multiple routes available they will be listed under the mini map of the job offer accept screen.  

When using the default division view (division selected) you will see all offered, waiting, assigned, and holding jobs.  You do not have to select the offers filter to see offered jobs, it is an additional filter we have added to help with notifications and job sorting


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