How to Setup and Apply Motor Club Payments

This article explains how to apply payments using the Motor Club billing reconciliation feature.

⭐This feature is currently available for Agero/Swoop, Allstate and Geico.

⭐This is available to customers subscribed to Motor Club Billing. Please contact us to add or if you have any questions.


1. Start by logging into Dispatch Anywhere settings page (Dispatch Anywhere Settings). 

2. Select Accounts on left toolbar→ Select Motor Club Account → Select Billing Tab.

3. In the Motor Club Billing section, choose the correct club from the drop-down and enter the correct username and password for that account and select save ?.

⭐ There is an option to automatically reconcile payments. When enabled, automatic reconciliation runs nightly. The results of any applied motor club payments are sent via email and visible in Accounting > Payment History. 

Applying Payments

1. Start by going into the accounting screen in Dispatch Anywhere and select Apply Motor Club Payments.


2. Choose the account and select the date range of payments you want to import and select search.


3. Choose the payments that you want applied and select Apply Payments.


 If all PO's are found and dollar amounts match the payment will be automatically applied and you will see green check mark along with the ability to view payment.


 If any of the PO's are not found or the amounts don't match you will get message stating the reason. If you select enter payment on the right it will take you into enter payment screen with the PO's that were found and the amounts applied.





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