How To Use TowStatus

TowStatus allows you to automatically send status messages to your customers via text or email. Status messages can include verifying addresses, driver location, and arrived messages to your customers.  

Step 1

Start by logging into your Dispatch Anywhere settings page ( (Dispatch Anywhere Settings)

Step 2

Select Divisions on the left and choose the SMS tab.  Make sure Beacon is selected as the SMS Provider

⭐Note: You need to log in with your company administrator account.

Step 3

Select Accounts on the left and choose an account that needs status messages.  Choose your personal options under the TowStatus area. These settings allow you to customize which messages are sent for each account.

  • Send Notifications to Contact Phone:  This will send a text to the contact number on a call.
  • Send Notification to Owner Email:  This will send an email to the email address on a call.
  • Send Notification to Owner Phone:This will send a text to the owner number on a call.
    • Send Notification on Assigned: A message will go out for the customer to verify the addresses on the call or they can update to their GPS location.
    • Send Notification on Enroute: A message will go out that shows a map of their breakdown location and the location of the driver and truck coming to help.
    • Send Notification on Arrived: A message will go out notifying that the driver has arrived.

Step 4 (Optional)

You can add more personalization to your messages by adding a picture of the driver.  Start by clicking Drivers on the menu.  Choose the first driver and you can upload their photo.

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