How to Link Dispatch Anywhere with TowPay

This article will explain how to add your TowPay Merchant ID into Dispatch Anywhere settings.

⭐Note: You need to log in with your company administrator account.

Step 1

Start by logging into your Dispatch Anywhere Settings Page → Choose Division → Select Merchants → Click the plus sign.

Step 2

Enter the following information and click save at the top of screen.

  • Name - Enter Account Name
  • Gateway - Choose TowPay Payments 
  • Payment Method - Choose payment that will be used for processing payments.

Step 3

Enter Merchant ID and click connect.

Step 4

Location will be added automatically and you are ready to go!

⭐The reader field will only need to be selected if WisePOS E desktop reader has been purchased and added to your TowPay account. 

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