View, Print and Email Tow Ticket with or without Charges or Discounts

This article will demonstrate how to generate a Tow Ticket with and without charges for customers.

Beacon Software offers the option to view, print, and email the TowTicket with or without charges.  The tow ticket can be sent through the driver app or through Dispatch Anywhere.  This option is helpful when you need to generate a ticket for the customer.  Depending on the accounts, customers may not need to see prices (for example: Motorclub call).  

Step 1

Start by logging into your Dispatch Anywhere settings page (https://settings.dispatchanywhere.netDispatch Anywhere Settings

Step 2

Start by selecting the Account section and choose an account.  On the Pricing tab, there is a box to hide pricing. 

⭐Note: You will need to change this setting on each individual account. 

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