Applying TowPay Credit Card Payment to Multiple Invoices

This article will explain how to take a single credit card payment using TowPay and apply it to multiple invoices.

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1. Navigate to the accounting tab and select "Enter Payment."

2. Select the following information.


-Date Range

-Payment method that your company has linked for taking payments using TowPay. 

-Amount of payment

3. Choose which invoices and amount you would like to apply and select "Save Payment."

* If the payment method has a surcharge associated it will be added to the payment amount. In this case we have a 10% surcharge so the total payment would be $385.00 in the take payment window.

4. You will then be prompted to take payment using the following options.

- Capture payment with optional WisePOS E desktop reader.

- Enter card info manually.

- Send payment link by email lor text message.

5. Once payment is successful you will receive payment applied message.

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