How to Setup Pricing

1. Log into Dispatch Anywhere Settings and choose Price Lists from left side.

2. Click the +Add option at the top or select existing list to modify. You can also select an existing price list and select duplicate which will create same price list that you can rename.

3. Add/Remove services based on need for the type of account(s) this list is being created for. Once you select "add new service" it will give you drop down list of all the existing services to choose from. 

Note: If you need to create a new service it will give option next to drop down to create one. This can only be done by the company admin. Here is more detailed article on creating new services. How To Add Services

4. Clicking on the pencil on each service will allow you to update the price for that service. Most services are a flat rate that only need a rate.  The three types of services that have a calculation involved are as follows:

Mileage Service

Once the rate is set click on the calculator icon and set the correct values. The mileage would need to be configured depending on account. For example if you charged $3.00 mile with first 10 free and then would need to click the + sign so you could enter the free miles.

Storage Service

Once the rate is set click on the calculator icon to set values for any offsets, day type and rate.

Labor Service

Once you set the rate click on the calculator and select values for rounding and rates.

5. Price lists can be applied to specific accounts under pricing tab of the account. Once applied to the account you can override the price for that specific account. That service will display the reverse arrow icon to indicate that this pricing is different than the price list.

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