Auto-Adding Services On Calls

Automatically Add Services to any job - Calls that are imported by the motor clubs or manually entered can have services added automatically. Easily identify services added automatically with a green icon next to the service name prior to saving. 


The following steps are required to turn this feature on.

Step 1

Start by logging into your Dispatch Anywhere Settings Page 
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Step 2

Select Accounts on the left toolbar.

Step 3

Select the account.  On the General tab select the box for Add Services Automatically.  

Add Services Automatically - This will automatically add the primary service to a call ex: Tow, Jump Start, etc.

Include Unloaded Mileage - This will automatically add Enroute/unloaded miles service to a call.

Include Loaded Mileage - This will automatically add Loaded mileage service to a call.

Once this feature is turned on, services will automatically be added to approved or imported calls. You can quickly and easily identify these services by the green icon next to them.  These services can be modified and deleted if required.  

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