DA Driver Create Call Feature

DA Driver Create Call Feature

This article will demonstrate how the DA Driver app can add calls to Dispatch Anywhere.

Drivers have the ability to add calls while in the field.  Security settings may need to be configured before this feature is available. Your accounts can be configured so the processes are more streamlined for the driver too.

Step 1

Start by logging into your Dispatch Anywhere settings page (https://settings.dispatchanywhere.net) Dispatch Anywhere Settings

Step 2 - Configure D.A. for Driver Settings

Select D.A.for Drivers in the menu and make sure "Allow Drivers To Create Jobs" is checked.

Step 3 - Configure Accounts

Select Accounts on the left and choose the General Tab.  You can add the physical address of the account.  When the driver is adding a call at this address the app will automatically choose the correct account.

On the pricing tab, you can add default services that will automatically add for the driver when adding a call.  If not they can add them manually if their security allows it

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