DA Driver: How To Create A Vehicle Damage Report

DA Driver: How To Create A Vehicle Damage Report

This article will demonstrate how drivers create a vehicle damage report. This will allow the driver to document any previous damage to a vehicle and get customer confirmation.

Step 1

Open a current job and press the more options button. An option for vehicle damage will appear.

Step 2

Select the "+" icon in the top right corner to start a new vehicle damage report

Step 3

Select points on the vehicle that has damage

Step 4

Enter detailed information on the damage point.  This includes a description, details, and pictures.

Step 5

After documenting all damage, choose "customer confirmation" under the vehicle

Step 6

Review the damage with the customer and have them choose the agreement at the bottom.  

Step 7

Enter the customer's name and they can finalize the report by signing on the screen.


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