v4.179 - May 2023


  • Job Count by Hour and Date Report displays the number of jobs received for each hour of each date in a grid layout. Can also be used with Excel to generate a job volume heatmap.
  • Streamlined TowPay credit card experience on the desktop.
  • Automatically add a TowLien Service Fee to the job when sending a vehicle to TowLien. Enable in Settings > Impound Lots.
  • Send Undeliverable Mail notice to the Dispatch Anywhere division contact for emails/invoices that can't be delivered.
  • New support website at https://support.dispatchanywhere.com.
  • Updated TDLR Invoice with the newly required notice.
  • General performance and stability improvements.


  • Fixed issue of not sending job cancel notifications to drivers that are assigned to the job.
  • Fixed issue releasing vehicles when using Square or TowPay as the payment method on the desktop.
  • Fixed issue performing refunds on link-to-pay credit card transactions.
  • Fixed issue displaying the last four of the credit card number on some receipts.
  • Fixed downloading PDF files from Job Edit > Photos tab.
  • Fixed thumbnails sometimes not displaying immediately after uploading on Job Edit > Photos tab.
  • Fixed setting a photo to private.
  • Fixed retrieving geolocation data from photos.
  • Fixed customizing checkbox labels in job template settings.
  • Fixed incorrectly sending job finished to motor clubs when the job is approved for GOA.
  • Fixed issue to prevent duplicate services from being saved on the commissions list in Settings.
  • Fixed data not being refreshed for weekly performance emails.
  • Fixed issue with updating Webfleet credentials.

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